About Us:

    My name is Lester C. Wetherell II and I am a resident of Austin, Texas.   I am a member of the Austin Gem  & Mineral Society and have been since 1989.  I have held most every office in the club at one time or another (except secretary and treasurer).  The AGMS website can be found here.  I am also the Librarian for the South Central Federation of Mineral Societies.  The SCFMS website can be found here.

    Being interested in the lapidary arts and computers, I decided to combine the two interests and put up Lonestar Lapidary.  I will offer to the public items of interest in jewelry, gem stone cutting, cabochon cutting, metal-smithing, lapidary and both new and used lapidary equipment.  Many of the items I offer are brought to me by friends and other dealers in my area. 

    Lonestar Lapidary provides myself and my friends a place to sell our wares.

    If you would like to contact me, please email me at lcwii [At] lonestarlapidary [doT] com